iCEV & Google Classroom Integration

Link iCEV with your Google Credentials

*Note: Before you can sign in to iCEV using your Google credentials, you will need to link your school issued email, that is associated with your google classroom account, to your iCEV account.

After logging into iCEV, click the “My Profile” link in the top right section of your screen.
Next, enter the email address in the “Email” field. Click “Save.”


Sign in with Google

On the iCEV Login page, click the 'Sign in with Google' button and select your Google account.


Share an iCEV Lesson

From the lesson page, click the “Share Video/PowerPoint with Classroom” button located directly beneath each lesson.


Share Interactive Activities & Assessments

From the lesson page, click the Google Classroom icon beside each interactive resource.


Note: We are in the process of adding the ability to share printable resources to Google Classroom.

Set Up Shared Content

Choose the Google Class you want to share the content with. Edit the title and enter instructions as desired. Click the yellow “Share” button. Lessons and resources you have shared with Google Classroom can be found in your Classroom stream. You may need to refresh your browser tab to see changes.



Accessing iCEV Content from Google Classroom

In the Google Classroom stream, click the assigned lesson or coursework. Click “Sign In” and enter your Google Credentials to view content and complete assignments on iCEV.





Grading Integration

Once you share an interactive coursework assignment to Google Classroom, and students complete the assignment, their grade is automatically logged in both your Google Classroom gradebook and your iCEV gradebook.

View grades by selecting the “Grades” tab in Google Classroom.


Note: All iCEV assignments are based on the 100-point grade scale. You can edit the scale in Google Classroom by clicking the three dots beside each assignment and selecting “Edit.” Next, enter the preferred grading scale under the “Points” section in the right sidebar menu.


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