iCEV Tutorial

Adding a Certification to Your
"My Courses" Page


Click “Add New Course/Certification”

To begin, click the “Add New Course/Certification” button at the top right of the “My Courses” page.



Select Certification 

Click the “Certification Playlist” tab on the right side of the menu. Next, select the certification you would like to add. Once selected, the certification button will turn green.


NOTE: If you do not complete this step first, the system will not allow you to select a certification.

Pro Tip

If you are subscribed to more than one iCEV curriculum site, you can choose which subject area you would like to add certifications from by using the drop-down menu labeled “Course Subject” underneath the blue header area.


Name the Certification

With the certification selected, type the title of the certification in the “Course Title” text box. What is typed in this box is what the certification will be listed as in your “My Courses” page.


NOTE: You do not have to type the full certification title. If you prefer, you can use a shortened version of the certification title.


Click the “Add Course” Button

Once you have typed your preferred title of the certification, scroll to the top of the screen and click the “Add Course” button. The certification will then appear under “Courses Added.” To complete the process, click “Finished."


NOTE: If you would like to add multiple certifications at once, repeat Steps 2 and 3 before clicking “Finished.”